Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sometime after Labor Day...

We had taken the following pictures during the last weeks of September and early October over the last decade.

“The year actually begins sometime after Labor Day when the summer people have left and the kids are back in school. It is then the New England community pulls itself together for a new year. Town organizations become active again, the church makes plans for various regular activities, cultural events such as the Boston Symphony commence – in short, year-round life in New England begins in the early fall. And ends in June. July and August are more or less a pleasant never-never land.” 

- Judson Hale, Inside New England

Monday, September 15, 2014

Reader Question for the Community: The 'Preppy' Accent

1962 photograph from our personal archives.

Reader Question for the Community:

How can one learn the beautiful “accent” used by William F Buckley, George Plimpton and others? Is there a Berlitz school of preppy accents? 

It is discouraging to listen to some American English these days where it seems every second word is “um”, “like”, “guess”, etc.  Many years ago, I sat on a park bench in Nantucket harbor; the person next to me on the bench happened to be Mr Plimpton, and I remember listening to his wonderful pronunciation, language melody and syntax… Yo, Bro, way to go...

Here are a few of the clips presented in the comments section:

Annon: "This is a short clip from YouTube of two genuine Boston 'Brahmins' having a conversation about the accent (and Dickens!) at the Boston Atheneum."

David P: "Fr. George Rutler... is a former Anglican and is Dartmouth educated. I tried to find a clip that was not too overtly religious but was not successful. This short You Tube video, however, provides an excellent example of the 'prep' accent":

Cranky Yankee: "When I first heard the two gentlemen at the Athenaeum, I thought of 'Bert and I'":

Benjamin: "Speaking of learned and affected "preppy" accents, I can't imagine that anyone will surpass the Reverend Peter Gomes. Sadly, my generation was the last to have the opportunity to appreciate his humor and person in the flesh. His accent was neither inherited nor authentic, but it fit his personality perfectly."

Max: "David Rockefeller has the most authentic and unpretentious preppy accent."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dubarry Donegal Boots

I chose the Donegal boots for their calf height and fleece lining. 
Dubarry sent these comfortable, leather Donegal boots to me.  They are fleece lined for warmth and have Gore-Tex to make them waterproof.  These are Women's and they also make them for Men.
The recent spate of much cooler days has provided many opportunities to test them out and they have taken me from town to farm.

Wool Overs Fisherman's Crew in Kiltimagh

Passing the Sniff Test

The finger pull and Lycra make for a quick and easy on and off.

Peach season means winter is coming.  I will be using the Donegals as a primary snow boot this winter.

I wear a UK7 and these run true to size.  Made in Portugal.

I brought this out to show.   It had come from my great grandfather's stables, where he kept his race horses.

I have been most pleased. 
Shown in last picture: 
  • Lotuff Unlined Signature Handbag in Chestnut (Link);  
  • Barbour Bedale in Sage (available at Royal Male and BestGear);  
  • Wool Overs Fisherman's Crew in Navy (Link);  
  • J.McLaughlin Corduroy Pants (Past Season); 
  • Dubarry Donegals (Link