Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Items to Be Brought Back: L.L. Bean Natural/Navy Birdseye Sweater

I love this sweater. When both men and women see it, they want one for themselves.
  • The fabric content is soft because of the 80% cotton, and tough because of the 20% acrylic.
  • The boxy cut is perfect; neither fitted, nor oversized.
  • It features the ultimate timeless color combination - natural with navy. Women can feminize it by pairing it with a pretty polo shirt underneath. Men (and women) can tilt it towards the masculine side by wearing it over navy or white.
A fortunate few were able to procure this unique item several years back; the Birdseye Sweater (made by Alps in the US) was a store only item in Freeport. L.L.Bean would please the purists by not only offering this item for men as well as women, but also offering it in a wool blend as well. (L.L. Bean once offered a very similar wool version.)

This is what L.L. Bean should be doing more.

L.L. Bean Natural/Navy Birdseye Sweater with the Ralph Lauren Elite Blue Long Sleeve Polo Shirt


littlemarymixup said...

your blog is beautiful...your photos are magnificent...yourattention to detail is devine...i vote for the birdseye sweater to be reinstated! good call.

Sarah said...

I agree!

Molly said...

I just found your blog and it is just wonderful. I love your approach to dressing and style. I hope this is not too presumptuous, but it would be wonderful if you could write a post about work-appropriate preppy dressing. I am a college professor and I find that chinos are too casual for my workplace. Can you suggest some preppy stores and flattering styles for women in the workplace? Thanks for Your Help,