Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eliza B. Flats, Part III

My third pair of Eliza B. ballet flats (see pair one and pair two) are a "Nantucket Red" with a great Navy ribbon trim and leather soles.  These were also personally embroidered for me (see bottom picture for the message).  I like these for late summer and fall in New England.

I took them to see some British cars.  Here is how they looked.

 My favorite, the 1959 Jaguar Mark I

A bit new for my taste

 1965 Morgan +4

A not-so-subtle rebus characterization of me


Izzy Bee's Mom said...

Your shoes are adorable! I didn't know that they monogrammed. I will certainly have to check that out. Your blog is wonderful. It so reminds me of the blog Bunny Tomerlin used to have. I always look forward to reading your topics and seeing your wonderful photos.

Carole said...

Your rebus made me smile this early Sunday afternoon. I look forward to your posts and inspiration. I've bookmarked the Eliza B site for future orders.

Andrea said...

Charming and amusing.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Love your wonderful ballet flats. I have been stalking the ballet flats on the Eliza B website for a long time. Are they comfy? Do they run the same size-wise as the flip flops? I'm wondering what size to get... Thanks for sharing.