Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reader Question: What about Prep School Team Jackets?

Question:  My wife insists on wearing our son's Andover Hockey jacket everywhere. Is this preppy?

Response:  This brought to mind one opinion: Ferd's comment, which I will re-post here,  originally on The 2010 Preppy ABC's:  (See Clothing paragraph.)


Do: Any Jaguar built before 1965; any Jeep made before 1990; Land Rover Defender with wet bathing suits in the back and your younger son's hockey gloves; 1992 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon; Geladenwagen; anything without a visible registration sticker; anything with an Obama sticker; Aston Martin; Porsche Turbo.

Don't: Hummer (if you own one, just stop reading - you are beyond my ability to help you); anything made by Ford (expect possibly a 1989 Bronco II with several beach permit stickers from Nantucket); anything Japanese or Korean; anything with a Bush or McCain sticker; and finally, the ultimate sin, a Corvette.


Do: Golden Retriever (but only it its name is Pooh, Bear, or Poohbear); any Lab; Cairn or Jack Russell; Irish or English Setter; any breed with fewer than 5 registered dogs in the United States (as in "we saw her in Tibet and just had to bring her home").

Don't: German Shepard; Beagle; Poodle; Yorkshire Terrier; anything with white fur; anything wearing a coat (unless the coat is a needlepoint with the Wesleyan Seal stitched into a dark blue or red background).

Do: Lacoste under Brooks...; 50-year old sweater found in parent's ski house in New Hampshire when you visited on break from college in 1976; Bermuda length shorts as soon as possible in the season; your younger child's Andover Hockey Jacket; anything belonging to your son that fits; J. Press sport coat belonging to your father when he went to Harvard; Camel hair topcoat from Paul Stuart.

Don't: Any sweatshirt, especially if it bears a designer logo, or the name of any educational institution located in Long Island; LL Bean Hunting Boots (they are so 1995); jeans; anything black; anything white; sneakers; gloves; scarf.


Do: Belgium loafers, especially if it is snowing or very muddy; headband; Patagonia vest; gold knot earrings; Nantucket needlepoint belt; anything from Eye of the Needle; your younger child's Andover Hockey Jacket; your grandmother's wool knit hat; your son's Parka.

Don't: A "winter coat" (ever heard of layering, or Patagonia?); boots; jeans; a hat; a skirt; stockings; earrings longer than 1/8th of an inch; make up that is noticeable; anything larger than size 2 (in fact, if you aren't blond and a size 2, just stop reading and have your son transfer to Stony Brook, there is no way you will fit in at a NESCAC Lax game); heels; anything purchased at a Mall.


lulu said...

Hah! Weeping with laughter. This is all so true...

...EXCEPT about the beagle. Beagles are a pain in the neck, but those of WASPs who live in what the crass realtors refer to as "hunt country" will always have a few culled beagles and foxhounds around.

Kathie Truitt said...

This IS funny, but I know an awful lot of 'old-money' traditional families that just happen to have a 'McCain' sticker on the back of their Jeep Woody, or old Volvo station wagon. And (said tongue-in-cheek) a lot of those women are blonde, but quite a bit past a size 2. A size 8 at least - ha!

I love your blog, Muffy!!

j.mosby said...

What about all though’s vintage "Take Ivy" Dartmouth sweatshirts?

Beagles/Foxhounds/Harriers only when they're in a attached dog trailer being pulled by your Ranger Rover when transporting your pack to a hunt on a Sunday afternoon.

Political bumper stickers...I say No.

Muffy Aldrich said...

lulu - I think j.mosby agrees with you!

Hi Kathie - As one who is a whopping size 10, I'll agree with you here. And "old-money" families that are Republicans? Never heard of such a thing!

j.mosby - Nice image! And I'm with you on the No bumper stickers.

old said...

A few observations from a Flyover State:

1. Political bumperstickers, save those touting the candidacy of a direct relative or idiosyncratic best friend, are tres gauche!

2. All dogs deserve respect in humandom. Oftentime, the ugliest are the often most charming and understanding. A misspent lineage is often an indicator of a superior canine, especially when one makes the collegiate trek from Atherton, CA to the Peoples' Republic of Ann Arbor.

3. Winter footwear is situational.
It usually takes onlyone bad experience to sober one's footwear choices.

4. Many Fords are very Preppy. Nothing beats a mid-1930's Woody or similar vintage Ford or Mercury convertible, any 1955-1957 Thunderbird or 1965-1967 Mustang convertible as the venue for a wonderful tailgate party at the college, university or steeplechase venue of your choice!

5. Thanks for posting the pumpkin pie recipe. The Wolverine State suffers from an overabundance of multiple types of apple pies all year long. It's time to resurrect am Americam tradition.

topspin said...

I like my 2010 Ford Fusion and wouldn't trade it for any Volvo also manufactured by the Ford Motor Company the last 10 years. The boxy design is gone, and the angles and lines have Ford written all over them. A Chinese group recently bought Volvo.

There used to be a term Rockefeller Republican and a du Pont ran for president in 1988. A lot of Obama stickers on the car ferry, though.

Birddog said...

I was just at "The Game" in Cambridge this year with my dad and girlfriend. Both the lady and Dad always thought it was pretentious to wear anything Harvard outside of the game.

oh, and nothing beats a brace of english setters!

Anonymous said...

I cannot disagree more with the political bumper stickers. I live in Highland Park in Dallas, and the only people who have bumper stickers are Obama supporters who were admitted to Greenhill on a scholarship or for the sake of diversity. Besides, show me an old money Democrat around here, or in Buckhead where my cousins live. I dont think theres a single democrat in the DCC membership, in fact. Have you ever heard of the Bush family? They've dominated American government since the beginning. Also, no gloves or scarfs? Really?