Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ralph Lauren Women’s Oxford Shirts: Classic Fit vs Skinny Fit

Women's Classic Fit Oxford
The best oxford shirts for women are Ralph Lauren's Classic Fit and Skinny Fit. But although they share the same soft oxford cloth fabric, the same benchmark construction (see Oxford Shirts: The Ten Commandments ), and at first glance they may look the same, the two styles have distinct differences and can be worn differently.

The Classic Fit has just the right proportions and falls well if one wishes to wear it untucked. It is very comfortable.   It looks best with sleeves rolled up, and paired with khakis and either Topsiders or a pair of Hanna Andersson wooden clogs.

Women's Classic Fit Oxford

Almost every aspect of the Skinny Fit, on the other hand, falls under the “more narrow” description. This includes the placket, the collar and mostly, the overall fit. The single worst visual aspect of the Skinny Fit oxford shirt are the “back darts” that span the entire length of the shirt. It does achieve the goal of slimming the silhouette, but at the great expense of comfort, and when worn alone, looks. However, there is a good  use: if one wants to wear an oxford under a sweater, the Skinny Fit can work well, where the Classic Fit may simply be too bulky.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Impact of Delft Blue

The Royal Delftware Store in Delft, The Netherlands (the source of the new Delft in this entry )
After over five hundred years of production, Delft Blue still reigns. It is a color and style that prove the point that classics endure.

New Delft, with classic motifs

New Delft (made in Holland, not in China)

Antique Delft

Vera Bradley's interpretation, "Delft", now nearly two decades old