Monday, November 29, 2010

The Barn Pot Luck Supper

New England provides plenty of opportunities for Christmas Traditions. One of theme is the Barn Pot Luck Supper.

At least three layers for warmth

The clothing has to chosen carefully, and with very practical criteria.
  • The first clothing criterion is warmth. The cows are the primary heating source for the barn, which while wonderful, does leave some cold spots.  Thus  combining long johns with flannel-lined khakis and  insulated Bean Boots makes sense.
  • The second criterion is that every item had to be tough enough both to be chewed, and thrown directly into the washing machine and dryer, jacket included. APatagonia Synchilla Snap-T instead of a wool sweater, and an older Bean Insulated Barn Coat also made sense.

The gatherings are always eclectic, with farmers/homesteaders, members of local shooting groups, as well as other raw milk customers.  Guests brought their own specialties, including: kettle corn made in an iron skillet over a wood fire, Venison chili, and their own hot mulled cider.  And everyone brought far more than their share.

Clothes have to be rugged, as they will get chewed.

And you do have to watch out for both ends of the cows.