Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sero Shirts

Yes, a Men's Shirt
Their Line for Women
Some of the Other Sero Shirts


Nacho said...

What a wonderful find! The shirts are probably in better shape than anything you could buy new now.

M said...

I am a sucker for gingham---any color---though I admit to preferring navy or black. Must be the Dorothy in me showing; they are a staple of preppy plains attire, doncha know.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Bruce Boyer has mentioned this firm and also Gant (recently reincarnated by the Swiss) in interviews.

Preppy 101 said...

That makes "cleaning out the attic" a lot more fun!! I love them. My husband wore Sero shirts, as did my dad. Have a great day, Muffy. xoxo

Susan R said...

Now those ginghams are a definite yes. Very versatile and very classic. I would most definitely wear those.
I love a man in a gingham shirt, navy blazer, khakis (white or beige) and white bucks...can't beat that.

Tammy B said...

My dad wore Sero shirts. When I was in college, Pappagallo sold Ms. Sero oxfords blouses. I loved them. When I got out of college, I worked for a Savings & Loan that furnished uniforms (polyester double-knit) made by Panther. One season, my roommate and I didn't receive blouses, so we headed to Sam's and bought several Ms. Sero blouses for $5. We bought all colors of solids and stripes. It sort of added a little bit of preppy to our boring polyester double knit suits.

Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories of a classic shirtmaker. I used to own several Sero ladies' shirts, all purchased in and around Boston. One of my favorites was a strawberry print on a crisp, white background that I found thrown in a bin at Filene's Basement.

Elizabeth V. said...

Those shirts look wonderful! I envy your find.

Anonymous said...

Sero also did a fair amount of contract work for other retailers.

I have almost the exact same fun shirt (the colors are the same, the pattern of the different patches is a bit different) that I got years ago under the Lord & Taylor label.

I have also seen many men's shop shirts with "the Purist" label, which was a Sero model name.

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Nacho - They are in terrific shape!

@M - I love gingham as well, and I thought these were particularly good versions of gingham - not too big patterns.

@Anonymous - Bruce Boyer knows of what he speaks. I also went to the Gant factory when it was in the same area as Sero. It doesn't resemble the reincarnated Gant at all.

@Preppy 101 - It certainly does! Nice memories.

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Susan R - So these pass muster? Are you sure?

@Tammy B - Sounds like a great solution! I used to have so many of them that I had to hang them from the overhead pipes in my college dorm room. I loved them.

@Anonymous - I had the same strawberry one! And an oxford cloth version with a rounded collar. I so wish I had kept them.

@Elizabeth V. - It was like a reward for helping my mother (who didn't really want the help).

@Anonymous - Wow, you have the same shirt! And I had totally forgotten about "The Purist" until I found some in the same "stash" as the others.

Gordo said...

Sero are great shirts. It's sad to see many of the greats, responsible for design and marketing, disappear. Sad. However, you look classic.