Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Bean's and Barbour

A nearly empty Freeport.


Not a fan of L. L. Bean Signature.

Big fan of the Boat and Totes.

They offer quite a few good colors this season.  

The Hunting Store at night.

On a Slightly Warmer Day Heading Down to Portland 

This is the time of year when one can find good prices on items from the past Fall/Winter season.

A Tyne Sports Crew Neck Sweater in Derby Tweed.   This is an unbelievably thick 5 gauge wool sweater.

 100% cotton Sporting Tattersall Shirt.

Having had a run on wax, they had it in stock again.

Barbour's Linhope Berwick Tweed Jacket


Tammy B said...

I really like that tweed jacket. I visited the Barbour store in Portland a couple of years ago and I plan a visit there late summer. There is nothing like a shopping trip to LL Bean at 10:30 at night.

John said...

Nice jacket. But you still have not succumbed to Bean's Galway?

I got a Signature catalog in the mail just today, but it didn't stay long.

Anonymous said...

Very nice picks, love the totes!

Preppy 101 said...

I love the totes, also! I wish they offered different color choices for monogramming via online purchases. xoxo

James said...

That last photo is wonderful. A beautiful backdrop, classic jacket and a classy lady. Thank you for the store reviews. Enjoyable as always.

lagunie said...

I just realized addressing you is a little odd. Dear Mrs. Daily Prep Muffy?

I'm sorry, the devil made me do it. Seriously, have you been to Rogue's Gallery in Portland yet? Your input would be appreciated. Thank you, a fan

jose_campelo said...

Dear Muffy,

Regarding Ski clothes? would you recommend something? Very nice blog

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always, Muffy!
Especially the panorama of the boat & totes - I enbiggened it and had a good long stare and wistful sigh (no LLBean store in SoCal). Absolutely love the jacket!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I feel you. No Bean store in Oregon either! All we have is Columbia... sigh. I would love to be able to actually go to a Bean store.

Raulston said...

Portland looks rather serene at dusk. M. you must tell me who snaps these photos of you and your outings? They are always so nicely presented. Thanks again for sharing.

Main Line Sportsman said...

well you know I would not have left the Hunting store empty-handed...great pix! Thanks

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Tammy B - Thank you. You are so right about night trips to Bean's. Although the older I get, the earlier the trips get.

@John - I almost did! They offered it on their Daily Markdown, but I was afraid it was too short a garment for me.

@Anonymous - Thank you. It was fun to see all the totes together. Such good colors.

@Preppy 101 - I always call in my orders, so thread color hasn't been a problem. I do find that they don't always match the default monogram thread colors with seasonal canvas colors very well. Last year's Glen Green came with a more "minty" monogram color. This year's Pink Berry, on the other hand, is very good.

Muffy Aldrich said...

@James - You are far too kind. (As always!)

@lagunie - Funny! Yes I have seen Rogue's Gallery (By Signature designer Alex Carlton). Polar opposite of what I prefer, but it has a loyal following.

@jose-campelo - I received many inquiries about ski clothes this year and was unable to find anything that I would want to wear.

@Anonymous - Thank you! I find the flagship store to be far, far superior to their mall stores.

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Raulston - For as long as I have known Clark, he has always had a camera with him. So it works out well.

@Main Line Sportsman - Well, last time I didn't leave the hunting store empty-handed! It is my favorite section of their store.

Anonymous said...

I live about 10 minutes from Freeport and had I seen you it would have bugged me for days on where I knew you from! Glad you enjoyed all the things our great city has to offer. Next time you're on your way up, be sure to stop at the Barbour outlet in Kittery. It's my little secret, as all my Portland friends think I shop on commercial street for the family Barbour wardrobe.

j.mosby said...

You should model for Barbour. You own it! Nice tweed upgrade for next fall.

lagunie said...

Mrs. Muffy - thought about two other sources about which I'd appreciate your opinion - Swam Island. They weave blankets and how you feel about Orvis. I know Orvis isn't a New England company but you occasionally leave your comfort zone. I did take your advice on L L Bean flannel sheets. Excellent. The West Coast will soon be going into what we call 'June gloom' which actually starts in May and can go into July. Foggy, chilly mornings. Thank you.

Xtina said...

When I saw all those boat and totes, my belly did a flip flop, I am a huge fan of boat and totes. I have the yellow tote and I am not a fan, it looks cheap to me, I just use it for food shopping.

Love that jacket!!

Anonymous said...

I also love Bean's tote bags and have used them almost my entire life. However, I have never successfully gotten dirt or stains out of them. I have washed them, but besides the stiffness (which you addressed in a previous post), the dirt never comes out. I usually ending up tossing the bag and buying a new one. Advice?

Ian from Downunder said...

Hello Muffy,
I love the tweed jacket; it really suits you. Please keep the posts on New England's best outlets as I'll be taking notes for our next tour in 2013.
Best wishes,

HipWaldorf said...

I have always avoided green since I have red (orange) hair, so I buy Barbour browns.

But I can't stop thinking about that green tweed jacket since you posted the picture. The green looks great because it is muddier. I will have to sneak over to my NH Barbour while the rest of my family is skiing tommorrow.

Always enjoy your posts!

Xtina said...

Anonymous.....I hope you dont mind me jumping in and answering but if a stain will not come out, contact LL bean, they will replace it, such a shame to toss them! Even if you dont want to exchange it....use them for outside stuff, gardening, hauling wood...etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Xtina. Good to know Bean will trade with me! I was hasty in saying that I toss the bags. Of course you're right, and I do "retire" them to use for the kind of tasks you mention.

Dustin O. said...

Hey there,

i was suprised to see myself on here ringing you out @ Barbour! I've visited the blog once or twice recently and did not make that connection.

glad to hear you enjoy the product as much as I enjoy reading your posts. see you again soon!

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Dustin - That's incredible!! You were an absolute pleasure with whom to deal and I enjoyed our conversation. So glad you left a comment!