Saturday, June 11, 2011

Newport Harbor

Newport, a sailing capital of the world, and its harbor may best be experienced not by land but by water.  This puts one where the action is, and keeps one away from crowds just there to shop and eat.

 The rigger grabbed his bosun's chair and climbed up the mast to rig the lazy jacks.

Some Lobster Rolls

Starting Out By Newport Bridge

Newport Harbor provides a great view of so many interesting boats and ships.

This includes some luxurious...

The Maltese Falcon

...and others more pragmatic.

Newport Harbor also provides an interesting collection of people (and wardrobes).

One can then head further out for a bit of architecture and landmarks.

I like it for its history, including my own.  (My 10th great grandfather was an inhabitant of Newport in 1636; signed the compact in 1638; and was elected Treasurer.)  There is also the Touro Synagogue dating back to 1763 (the oldest in America), Fort Adams (1799), Hammersmith Farm and the Naval War College.

Hammersmith Farm

Castle Hill Inn
The area is also full of interesting activities.

A class using the appropriately named "Optimists."

Yesterday also happened to be the New York Yacht Club's 157th Annual Regatta.

The Winner of Their Class.

Sail Newport

So often the best view is from the water.

NYYC's Harbour Court

Bringing Back the Marks


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! A little different than the Carolina Coastline. Is that your little cairn terrier? So cute!! We are "owned" by a westie, Miss Scarlett O'Hara! Thanks for the lovely photos!

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Anonymous - No, the Norfolk Terrier belongs to our friend. I just like her company. Westies are great and spunky. There used to be a couple of them that would chase away our much larger Goldens.

j.mosby said...

Sailing and Newport it doesn't get better!
Have dinner out on the deck at the Moorings restaurant while you're in Newport! I long for a lobster roll yum-mo! The norfolk terrier is cute!

Mona said...

Thank you for sharing these photos Muffy. I enjoyed sailing with you today!

LPC said...

Oh I do love a sailboat. What a lovely way to spend your day, and thank you for all the reminders.

Michael said...

Dear Muffy,

Great photos! You are right--Newport's harbor is best seen from the water. I coached our sailing team here at boarding school for a couple of years and the matches against St. George's in Newport were always the most picturesque. Where did you get your lobster rolls? Worth seeking out? We're always looking for a good spot and Newport is only a few minutes away. Surprisingly, the ones they sell at First (or Easton's) Beach, at the snack bar, are quite good.

Raulston said...

M.A. you have truly found your calling as a "photo journalist!" You look striking in stripes and these are truly exceptional shots on the water. I am looking forward to the day when the travel channel gives you your own time slot for weekly featured spots in and around the New England Coast. Good by Samantha Brown-hello M. Aldrich!

Pete said... of my favorite cities. Many fond memories of trips there for work and play.

Heather said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day for a sail. What gorgeous pictures you shared with us. The shot of the bridge took me back to my college days - happy memories!

Heather said...

P.S. If you are over in the area again, stop by Point Judith for some delicious lobster! George's is good, but Champlain's is better.

John said...

Thanks for all the wonderful photos! I'll be in Newport on Monday to see the broadcast of Verdi's Macbeth from the Royal Opera at the Jane Pickens Theater. I'd love to know where you got that lobster roll.

(I'm descended from Samuel Wilbore and Philip Sherman who were signers of the Portsmouth Compact in 1638.)

Muffy Aldrich said...

@j.mosby - I so agree! And thanks for the recommendation.

@Mona - Thanks Mona!

@LPC - It is hard to beat a sailboat.

@Michael - Lobster rolls are from the East Ferry Deli in Jamestown. We would give them an 8 out of 10 - quite good (those from Red's in Wiscasset are still our favorite). Heather left some recommendations in her comment that might interest you.

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Raulston - You are far too kind! It is hard to miss with such a great spot.

@Pete - One of mine as well.

@Heather - Oh, the bridge. As I've said before - I'll go under it, just not over it! Thanks also for the lobster recommendations.

@John - That sounds incredibly lovely! Lobster roll from East Ferry Deli in Jamestown. (What fun - our ancestors were there at the same time!)

kp said...

Muffy..what a fun post. The Norfolk Terrier is adorable and your pictures are making me summer homesick! Kristin :)

MissM said...

That doggie is darling!
I am craving a lobster roll-yum.
Hammersmith Farm belonged to the Auchincloss family-Jackie's step-father. It is where Jackie and JFK were married.Nice pad.

Xtina said...

We loved seeing Fort Adams when we visited, they handed us a flashlight and gave us a tour guide that was...well, lets call him eccentric, we then explored the miles of underground tunnels, it was both scary and thrillng, it is a must see tour!

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Love Newport, my family has had a timeshare at Oceancliff for over 20 years. Love catching lobsters out in the harbor. Hope to make it back out this Summer. Great photos!

Tammy B said...

What great photos. I have not been to Newport in years. I love sailing. Down here, sailing is not very popular. It is the thing to go out on your houseboat and park it in the middle of the lake. And the attire is shorts and sleeveless shirts, or else you'll die from the heat. What a cute little Norfolk Terrier.

lindaraxa said...

I haven't been to Newport in years!! Is the Black Pearl still around? I had the most memorable dinner there in the late 70's.

I have a Westie, Lucy, who is quite the sailor. It took her awhile but now she is the first one on the boat and in the water.

Lovely pictures, particularly the lobster roll. Been yearning for one but quite impossible to find one here in Georgia.

JudyW said...

Muffy, thanks for this post! I so enjoy the East Coast - so different from Southern California. I would love to visit Newport. I agree with Raulston - Travel Channel for you!

David Sucher said...

And may I affirm Muffy's suggestion to link to 'Maltese Falcon', below.

It's an extraordinary ship.

Barberry Hill Farm said...

Wow - how beautiful and so much fun! I'm excited to see where your next adventure takes you, I love learning about these places you go and the pictures are gorgeous - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Sailing must be so much more pleasant this time of year in the Northeast than here in the south. Sailing while wearing long sleeves, pants and a sweater in June is my idea of heaven.

linda said...

Beautiful picture of you/Newport/ and your dog! Wow, you are so blessed to have that long connection to Newport.

lorrwill said...

Reading your wonderful posts is as close to a vacation as I will get.


I can almost smell the spray. What a wonderful experience you have shared.

(Love the seafaring fuzz butt, too.)

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the point of the post (and it's a bit pedestrian) but gosh, you certainly are trim. Good genes or very careful eating habits?

Jack Stub said...


What kind of boat were you on? Is it yours? I am a sailor myself and although I can usually identify most sailboats, I can't quite pin the one in the photos - the teak decks have me stumped. Nice mainsail too.


Cammie said...

Hi Muffy! Is that a life preserver you're wearing? If so, it's the best looking one I've ever seen! Where is it from?

Anonymous said...

Great post... where did you get the navy blue ballcap?

Muffy Aldrich said...

@Kristin - So worthy of being "summer homesick"!

@Miss M - It is quite the dramatic place.

@Xtina - I have not yet been brave enough to go in. Scary and thrilling are not tempting me! :)

@pshopaholic - Sounds perfect!

@TammyB - You paint quite a vivid picture! :)

Muffy Aldrich said...

@lindaraxa - Yes indeed, the Black Pearl is still there.

@JudyW - Thank you!

@David Sucher - It certainly is. It was humbling to cruise past it.

@Barberry Hill Farm - Thank you! (Of course you would be more interested in the famous Goddard and Townsend furniture once made there!)

@Anonymous - I couldn't agree more! I have no love of hot weather.

Worthington said...

Beautiful pictures! Have you ever spent time in the Southern sailing capital - Oriental, NC? Or enjoyed the Charleston to Bermuda race? I really love spending time doing both, it is thrilling!

Muffy Aldrich said...

@lorrwill - The spray does smell wonderful!

@Anonymous - Never to pedestrian. I eat well and have a good photographer! And thank you!!

@BBW - The boat belongs to my husband's roommate from Brown and it is a Sweden Yachts 340. What is funny is that in one the photos of the passing boats, one of the men is calling out the same question.

@Cammie - It is a SOSpenders PFD, which is about 7 years old now. The others were wearing updated versions by Mustang.

@Anonymous - Fort Meade. My husband sits on a board there.

Susan R said...

What lovely photos. The boats are beautiful and the homes are majestic. I think that Maltese Falcon has the most interesting masts and rigging that I've ever seen, almost futuristic, no?
By the way, that lobster roll is a thing of beauty too.

Anonymous said...


My friends and I have sailed out of Newport on several occassions, the last being on a pair of 40-ft sloops that we chartered. Newport is still a "sailor's town". Just have to watch the fogs in June. We got lost in the West Passage once in thick fog. Fair winds and following seas.

Xtina said...

Oh noo, Muffy! You must see them! It is an incredible piece of history to witness. I took my boys in with me, they were both so scared, but when we came out of the tunnels they wanted to go back in! It is all they can talk about when we bring up our memories of Newport. :)

On your Next blog about Newport I want to see that you experienced the tunnels! LOL!

HHH said...

Oh you lucky duck, you! And beautiful photography, CLP!