Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reader Question: Common and Amusing Acronyms

I enjoy reading your blog and others, but I hate the acronyms.  OCBD?  P&G?  T&C?  What do these mean?

Acronyms are everywhere, IMHO.  Here are some of the most common that have been used in the comments section of this blog or are otherwise iconic.

BB - Brooks Brothers
LLB - L.L. Bean
JRT - Jack Russel Terrier
P&G - Pink and Green
OCBD - Oxford Cloth Button Down
RL - Ralph Lauren
TOPH - The Official Preppy Handbook
NYT - New York Times
WSJ - Wall Street Journal
OCLS - O'Connell's Clothing of Buffalo
JP - J. Press
T&C - Town and Country
NYYC - New York Yacht Club
NYAC - New York Athletic Club
WASP - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Feel free to add to this list as well.

(BTW, technically an acronym is an abbreviation that is spoken as a word (radar, NASA) rather than spoken spelled out.)



DAM said...

NYSD: New York Social Diary
ACK: Nantucket

Anonymous said...

TLA: Three- letter acronym

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I have always hated blogger's use of the "GTH" abbreviation for pants, instead of enjoying the full directive spoken or written. OCBD is a bit eye-rolling, too. I like: PEI (oysters and vacations), PBR (cold cans), and VSOP (in winter). Did you mean clothing only?

Suburban Princess said...

TDF - To die for ;o)

Anonymous said...

UHB: Urban Haute Bourgeoisie

Raulston said...

# 1 of course: TDP: The Daily Prep
TNY: The New Yorker
ILS: Ivy League Sports

mary anne said...

ROFL (rolling on the floor, laughing).

Anonymous said...

G&T = Gin and Tonic

Kionon said...

Hmm.. abbreviations.

I've been planning a trip to PEI (which is Prince Edward Island, and YWP is for... that guy who said PEI) with my mother, but unfortunately it just didn't get off the ground this year. PBRs are bit hipstery now, and I tend to be a big fan of micro brews...

I use OCBD just because it can be tiring to write it out several times in a post.

USPA: United States Polo Association (or parachute, but..)
USTA: United States Tennis Association
USS: United States Ship or United States Sailing

Oh, and when I was in Sydney, I sailed with the CYCA, or Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

For clothing? I think you got the usual suspects, but perhaps I can suggest KJP for Kiel James Patrick?

BMO'C said...

One of my favories . . . .

BMOC (Big Man on Campus)

And it was never lost on me that my parents, uber-preps in their own right names me "Brendan Matthew O'Connell". Yes, my monogram is BMOC :-)

lorrwill said...

TTFW: Too tacky for words

I had to look that one up recently and thought it was clever.

BlueTrain said...

In my neck of the woods, there's EHS, VHS and even UVA.
EHS is for Episcopal High School;
VHS is Virginia Episcopal School (Lynchburg).
I hear the other one a lot but I can't remember what it stands for at the moment.

Anonymous said...

CBC: Couldn't be cuter!

(but also the more mundane "complete blood count" or "Canadian Broadcasting Company")

BlueTrain said...

This subject has got me thinking, not that much has resulted so far. However, one probably sees RSVP on invitations you'd like to receive a lot more than BYOB but in college it was probably the other way round.

For the older crowd interested in motoring, there used to be MG, which usually came with a suffix. And then there was XKE, which not only didn't stand for anything, it wasn't even used by the manufacturer. Nowadays, I'm sure everyone knows what BMW stands for. Really that's so common I shouldn't have even brought it up.

I didn't know a Jack Russel terrier was ever abbreviated but some owners have an irresitable temptation to call them Jack Daniels terriers.

There's also LOGU, which I've probably got wrong. Someone help me out here.

Parnassus said...

In the Cleveland preppy world, US=University School. I don't know how far its fame has penetrated.
--Road to Parnassus