Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sero Shirts

Yes, a Men's Shirt
Their Line for Women
Some of the Other Sero Shirts

Monday, March 28, 2011

Made in Essex, CT: Leather Man Ltd. and Eliza B.

Essex, Connecticut is one of the great New England boating spots. It is also the home of Leather Man Ltd. and Eliza B.

If you visit Essex on Saturdays, make sure you stop by their Factory Store.   This is a real factory store, as in, part of same building as their actual factory. 

At the helm
I can't say enough good things about owner Cecil Lyon, and hold him in the highest personal esteem.  (My admiration both for his company and of him are so aligned.) He is unfailingly gracious and with a superbly dry wit.   And his touch is everywhere.  Leather Man Ltd./ Eliza B. is a shining example of how a company benefits by having a hands-on owner from start to finish.

He kindly took me on a tour of his facility.  And although we have done this many times over the past (almost) three decades, each visit is just as exiting. 

The design room

What they sell is made in Essex, Connecticut

Sandal making

The construction process of the Eliza B. Allez! Flats

His famous wit in action
Stacks and stacks of embroidered ribbon

I stopped to admire his boat

The actual factory store is as every factory store should be - overflowing with one temptation after another.


A great wall of sandals

Saying hello to Benny (their Jack Russell)

Beautiful canvas totes

And as today was sock burning day, I brought my Ragg Socks that had reached the end of their life.

Factory Store Location and Hours:

55 Plains Road 
Essex, Connecticut  06426
(800) 767-6585
Saturdays, 9:00am to 1:00pm

Monday, March 14, 2011

Poll: Which city is preppier: Boston or Cambridge?

Harvard's Winthrop House, Named For our 9th Great Grandfather

Here's a good Moot Court topic: Which city is preppier - Boston or Cambridge?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ten Favorite Vera Bradley Styles

The Tote in Citrus
Vera Bradley has had a seemingly endless variety of styles over the years.  It is easy to get lost  not only with current offerings, but also if one is getting "vintage" items.  Here are ten favorite Vera Bradley styles.

The Tote is a good size and simple in design,  although  the straps would be better if quilted.  The Tote is also a style that can handle the visual aspects of wear better than other designs.  A somewhat worn tote can have that gentle look and feel of loved older linens and such, as compared to worn accessories that can just look like they need to be replaced.

Miller Bags
The Miller Bag, is a good go-to bag for an overnight.  It has six interior pockets and the shoulder straps make it easy to throw over the shoulder.

 Satchel in Bermuda Pink
The Satchel was a short-lived style, but also good  for an overnight.  One its nicest features is also one of its more limiting ones, which are its short, rolled handles.   They came with detachable shoulder straps that were unattractive and distracting.  (Although without the straps the Satchel is somewhat less versatile than the Miller Bag.)

The Mimi Backpack in Bees
The Mimi Backpack is one of the most quintessential, and charming, Vera Bradley styles.

The Betsy in Petal Pink
The Betsy is a nice size.  It also has six, very useful interior pockets.

Paddy in Royal
The Betsy replaced the Paddy, although it is not quite as good.  The differences are subtle -  the Paddy has more depth and is wider at the top, tapering down at the bottom, like a mini Miller Bag, but it also has more charm than the Betsy.

Small Duffel in Katherine and Bees
The Small Duffle is one of those bags that simply looks great in almost any pattern.  Although not big enough on its own for travel, it is the perfect companion bag for smaller items.

Wallet with Strap in Nantucket Navy
There have been many wallet styles, but the best is still the Wallet with Strap.

 Vera in Apple Green (original design on the left)
Although arguably too large for a pocketbook, the Vera is still good for that purpose anyway, though somewhat more before its re-design.  The original Vera had the border on the bottom as well as on the top and had the sweet cloth-covered button closure that has since been replaced with the tortoise toggle. Although the newer design is slightly shorter, which is probably an improvement.
Large Duffel in Citrus, Maison Blue and Pink Pans
And of course for longer stays, or heavier packing, the Large Duffel is just good looking and very roomy.

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.