Monday, April 18, 2011

Cape Madras Patchwork Camp Shorts

The Camp Shorts have a 7" inseam
Madras is iconic for summer wear along the New England Coast, arguably even more than seersucker.   So, as the weather warmed up slightly, it was possible to break out the  Camp Shorts, kindly by Cape Madras.

The color is "Cannes"
Cape Madras, a Maine Coast vendor, makes the best madras shorts to be found.   The authentic madras, made in Cape Madras' factory in India, is rich in color, soft to the touch, and has a classic and comfortable cut.

These shorts look great new, and will get even better with age.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reader Question: What to Wear to Graduation Weekend? A Guest Response

Photograph taken by the author.

Hello Muffy, 

We live in Brazil and our oldest son is attending a school in Connecticut. He will be graduating in May. 

In connection with his graduation, my husband and I are traveling to the U.S. to participate of the formal dance / dinner on Saturday night, and the graduation ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Our son will hopefully be rowing at the New England Regatta on that same weekend. I wonder what would you advise us to wear for those events. 

We have been reading a lot but still some doubts remain. Should I wear a long dress on the Saturday night dinner? Should my husband wear a dark suit for the dinner, tuxedo or a jacket with slacks? How about on the boat race and on day of ceremony on Sunday? I would appreciate you help and if you need some more details just let me know. Best Regards.