Sunday, May 13, 2012

Newport Harbor Opens Up

Sailing season opened in Newport yesterday, and the weather was spectacular.


To the rescue.

Heading into Narragansett Bay, where there are always beautiful boats to see...




...and then into Newport Harbor.



Newport Shipyard Again

The 295 foot Athena 





The wind was wonderful.





Heading under the Newport Bridge... get a water view of the Naval War College.



A higher tide meant needing to duck while going under the bridge to Goat Island.


The Ida Lewis Yacht Club's 2012 Commissioning...


 front of New York Yacht Club's Harbour Court.

Dress Ship



Another boat enjoyed the views.



WRJ said...

So I can add you to list of people I'm jealous of for having enjoyed the beautiful weather in Newport this weekend while I was at the library.

The Ida Lewis Club looks a lot more like the yacht clubs that I'm familiar with than the New York. Though I understand from family friends who are members that the NYYC is actually very serious about sailing, contrary to all appearances.

I guess My Trust Fund gets points for honesty? Though it should be plural--you'd need one to buy the boat, one to maintain it, and another to crew it.

Jacob Phelps said...

It seems as if you had a great start to the sailing season! Your photos (and writing) always prove to be distinguished and honorable in their own way. Thank you for sharing once again, Muffy!

The Silver Bunny said...

Lucky you, Muffy Aldrich, you lead a charmed life ! Enjoy the season !

Ian said...

Hey Muffy it looks like you had a great time! Happy you had the chance to come across my lovely bags! Would love to meet you sometime soon!

Enjoy your Mother's Day,

Frank Clegg

Marie said...

Newport was beautiful on Saturday-I am enchanted with Jamestown and I do believe I spied some Belted Galloways.
Always good to have some chowder at the Black Pearl.

Cranky Yankee said...

Your picture of Goat Island reminded me of an old rhyme which calls out some of the local islands . The version that I learned went, "Prudence, Patience, Hope and Despair....Rose Island, Goat Island, Washington Square."

And Jamestown's East Ferry of course no longer has a ferry (The Newport/Pell Bridge opened in 1969), but that was our connection to Newport. The ferry would drop you off at the foot of Mill Street where you can still find builder J.D. Johnston's mill (now the Mill Street Inn) on your way up to 'The Old Stone Mill' in Touro Park.

Then on to Spring Street so named because the town's spring used to be there (now a Citgo station) or to City Hall which is appropriately on Bull Street.

Joyce N said...

I was suffering from withdrawal from your blog, so I thought I would just read some older ones. What a wonderful surprise to find these new posts!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Michael Rowe said...

I love the chivalrous aspect of rescuing a cranberry-red cashmere sweater from the cold Atlantic.

Patsy said...

Athena never fails to wow me.

Looks like some folks were going racing.

chris said...

What a wonderful set of photographs. I so enjoy looking at the portrayal of the coastal lifestyle - so different from here in California. Can't wait to see what you have to share in the coming summer months.

Greenfield said...

Delicious sailing day! Thanks for such stunning pictures!