Thursday, March 29, 2012

Royal Male and The Black Pearl, Newport, Rhode Island

Chuck Ramsay, in a guest post last year, put forth a list of great pairs of places to shop and then places to eat afterwards.   This is a Newport addition.

First, Royal Male is an absolute "don't miss" store.  It is difficult to say which is more impressive, the sheer density of high quality clothing (mostly European) or the extraordinary depth of knowledge of the family that owns the store.

Housed in a beautifully restored 18th century house (and, as legend goes, was once a brothel), Royal Male is overwhelming in the best possible way.

Happily, owners Etienne and his mother Lynn are there to expertly guide one through the store.

A Little Saint James and Dubarry

 Lynn was right down on the floor outfitting the tiniest pack member.

They also carry Mackintosh.

A Good Drawer of Socks

They have been doing this for thirty years and it shows.


...and this Slocum.

By this point, Etienne's sweater had come off to help contrast garments with seams and without.
It is a store that requires several visits to fully appreciate how much there is, but for those who will not be making it to Newport,  they have a website and ship.





The second half of this Ramsay pair is The Black Pearl and their clam chowder was beckoning.






The 12 Metre Yacht Club - Newport Station




Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New England Boatworks, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Spring unofficially arrives when boats are prepped for launch.  And there are few better places to see this than New England Boatworks in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  There was a busy and focused hum yesterday.

Portsmouth is a world-class boat hub.  Similarly to when many of the supporting businesses for the Broadway industry relocated to Long Island City as Manhattan became too expensive, Portsmouth has centralized many of the boating support services for the Newport area.

The new Shannon 52...

...was built in nearby Bristol.

The exceptional Tigris, a Swan 76.

Guernsey and Guernsey

Some WW II Artifacts

 The Ship's Store...

The Store Dog (and every store should have a store dog)

The consignment room upstairs....



Another UK Visitor

New arrivals were being trucked in.

What one really wants to see after a bit of time away.

Seemingly "everyone" is here.
The offices of North Sails.

While the majority of sail making at North Sails happens in Nevada (sail making and humidity don't mix) this is the place for repairs.

They can handle a 120 foot sail, longer if they lay the sail diagonally.