Friday, August 31, 2012

Richard Press and Ivy Style at the Museum at FIT

Richard Press, former president of J. Press, and Patricia Mears, Deputy Director, The Museum at FIT on the  Set of the Upcoming Exhibition
On September 14, the Ivy Style Exhibition will open at The Museum at FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology)  in New York City.  Christian over at Ivy Style has been giving some sneak peaks (and I did an entry in April) , and I thought I would add to that.

Due to the high production values (and the unprecedented collaboration of Richard Press, G. Bruce Boyer, and Patricia Mears), it is sometimes easy for me to forget that this show's primary audience includes students who often come with a (mis)perspective that this material is ancient, dusty history. What instead they hopefully will see is the energy of this style, both then and now.

Here is a tour with Richard Press, two weeks before it opens, and also snapshots of some of the other people who are making it happen.

Richard Press inspects the new sign.

With Julian Clark, Museum Publications Editor

Patricia Mears, Deputy Director, The Museum at FIT
Visitors will first see some of the publications of the time.

An Early Reference to Prep

Michael Goitia, Exhibitions Manager
The heart of the exhibition is a series of sets that organize and provide some amalgamated historical context for the items of clothes.  This includes the center quad scene.  Music from the times will also set the scene.

Boris Chesakov, Exhibitions Production Coordinator, stands in front of the chemistry classroom set.

The library set features this "view". (It is also a good Rorschach test. My first thought when I saw it was this picture.)

Fred Dennis, Senior Curator, (far left) and Erik Steding, Installation Designer, (far right) collaborate in the "formal" setting where the tuxedos will go.

To the right of the formal set will be a model of a classic store of the time, complete with stacked shelves.

A Favorite Picture

Gabby Lauricella, Exhibitions Installation Team, (left) and Ann Coppinger, Senior Conservator, (right) stand in front of the bedroom set.

These wooden locker room doors will be under a stained glass window.

All that was missing was Mr. Boyer.

The clothes themselves were still being prepped.

Tommy Synnamon, Exhibition Installer and Stylist

Every detail is scrutinized.

Emma McClendon, Curatorial Assistant
Ann Coppinger, Senior Conservator, and Julian Clark, Museum Publications Editor
Jennifer Farley, Assistant Curator

Sonia Dingilian, Museum Registrar
The security around these clothes is impressively high.

 The book is appropriately dedicated to Richard, both for his influence on the book and show, but also on the entire industry.  He was a guiding force behind the Ivy Style aesthetic during its time of worldwide growth. 

Patricia Mears generously gives credit to the blogger community for demonstrating the enduring appeal of this style. 
When you have a world-class team assembled, what should any sane person do?  Ask for autographs!