Sunday, April 28, 2013

Question for the Community: "Lamentations of a Texas Prep"

Narragansett Bay

I'll start by saying how much I enjoy reading The Daily Prep, both for entertainment and education value. It really is rare to find a blog worth reading these days, and rarer still to find one that stands the test of time (in true prep fashion, of course).

My dilemma is that of being preppy at heart, but not preppy by birth. You no doubt surmised from the title of the email that I live in Texas, as I have for my entire life of three decades. Needless to say, there is not a reliable prep tradition here in the South, and the version that does exist more than stretches the bounds of proper prep taste. As a frequent reader of your blog, I am attuned to this, but still the problem remains: How is a prep without the heritage, such as myself, able to balance/attain true prep style, keeping in mind (1) environmental differences between Texas and more traditional prep climes and (2) wanting to avoid appearing as an impostor or worse, trend-chaser?

I have no desire to fool anyone into thinking I have some long family history of a prep persuasion, but I cannot deny that my demeanor and style would be more befitting of Narragansett Bay than urban Texas. This being the case, what are the rules for those who share my quandary and wish to avoid appearing contrived and inauthentic (especially to true preps in-the-know)?

Humbly, a reader.

Newport, Tigris, Quoddy, Guernsey, Guernsey, and Herm

This weekend has provided a scatter shot of memories that defy any neat narrative - other than geography - or dominating moment.   Even the temperature, so warm on land midday and cold and raw on the water and when the sun was down, epitomized the cacophony.

Nevertheless, here are some images and notes.

The Tigris entourage had just flown in from Britain.  (Tigris is still the most beautiful boat in Narragansett Bay.)

The launch was busy with more important duties so we headed out the old-fashioned way.

Bags were stowed.

At a nearby mooring, intense preparations were being made as Tigris readies to cross.

A Guernsey was a wiser choice than the warm and bulkier but less wind blocking Irish fisherman sweater.

A book on Herm, the smallest of the English Channel Islands.

Major Peter Wood on the Right.

Coming into Newport Harbor and the still dormant Harbour Court.

A pilot boat headed purposefully out.

This tour boat was one of the few other vessels on the water.

Clarke Cooke House and Black Pearl were already successfully attracting their usual, robust seasonal crowds.

Sea Breezes and Cigar Smoke

Why the pilot boat was going out.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ox Ridge Horse Show, 1966, Darien, Connecticut

Photographs from our archives         .
Here are some pictures from our archives taken at the 1966 Ox Ridge Horse Show in Darien, Connecticut.